Utility Industry Communication Networks Survey 2017

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8. What are the top considerations for a communications network within your organization? (Select ALL that apply) *

9. How would you best describe the communication network(s) your organization currently uses for its distribution grid infrastructure? *

10. What are the top three pain points of your current communications network(s)? *

11. What type(s) of use cases does your communication network(s) currently support? (Select ALL that apply) *

12. How would you best describe the communication network(s) your organization will use in the next decade for its grid infrastructure? *

13. What type(s) of communication networks does your organization currently use? (Select ALL that apply) *

14. What will the mix of your utility’s communication networks look like in the next decade? (Select ALL that apply) *

15. Please share how much you agree with the following statements: *

RF Mesh is an important communication network technology for the future of utilities. RF Mesh is critical to my organization’s future success.RF Mesh is the key communications technology for our distribution grid modernization initiatives. We have a specific and comprehensive RF Mesh strategy. Our future distribution grid modernization needs can be addressed by a single network. RF Mesh is not an important communication technology for our organization.
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16. How ready is your current communications network(s) to support the integration of future distribution grid modernization technologies in the next 5 years? *

17. What type of use cases does your RF Mesh network(s) currently support? (Select ALL that apply) *

18. What type of use cases does your organization not currently support by RF Mesh, but would like to support in the next 1 to 3 years? (Select ALL that apply) *